Proxy works on a range of projects, from architecture and urbanism to software and systems.

Structures & Environments

Trusset, with Phillip Anzalone
Stabile Center, with Marble Fairbanks Architects
Caracas Tower, with UTT
Topology Studies
Topological House, with David Brown
Figure 8 House
Sangenjaya Residence, with N Maeda Atelier
Acadia Footbridge
Engine 160, with Marble Fairbanks Architects
Za'abeel Tower
Avery Annex
NYU Advanced Media Studio
Arktura Ceiling Systems
Sasame Residence
Little Director University

Furniture and Products

Mechaneu 3D Printed Toys
Happy Family Lamp, with Mark Bearak
Muji Trash Bin
Melody Shafie Memorial
Voronoi Wall
Yubiwa (Ring)
Omote Ura (Ring)
Mouth/Ear Teleprescence Kit

Technical Papers

Human Computer Interaction in Architecture: Exploring the Brain-Body-Environment Continuum, ALGODE 2011 Cross-platform Embedding of Material and Software Logic into Descriptive Geometry, 2006
Deriving Architectural Surfaces from Relationship Graphs
N Element Lattice Structures



Marine Defenders for iPhone/iPad, with Common Good Productions
Triptych: Tri-Alpha, with Kadambari Baxi
SMAPP, with stillmotion
Poliform My Life Catalogue
Trusset Custom Truss Generator, with Phillip Anzalone
Flock 3D for iPhone
BuildingBeat for iPhone

Selected Exhibitions

Going Viral: Blurred Borders 2012
Architect Magazine Architect 50 Leadership Lab 2012
Cloud Computing and Architecture Symposium Osaka Sangyo University 2011
Machinic Processes: Architecture Biennial Beijing, 2010 Exhibition, 2010
AIA Honor Awards (Stabile Center, with Marble Fairbanks), 2010
Programming Bodies, Hosei University
Rouse[d], 2009
Out of Water, 2009
Beijing Biennial (Im)material Processes, 2008
Something about Rooms and Walls, 2008
Oficina des Idéias, 2008
Maker's Faire, 2007
Scripted by Purpose, 2007
Unnatural Selection, 2006
Beijing Biennial Emerging Talents, Emerging Technologies, 2006
Imagined Spaces: Emerging NY Architects, 2006
Trusset @ GSAPP 125th Exhibition, 2006

Print Design

a+u 2011:10 Manhattan Grid, September 2011
Proxy Log 06/07, 2007
Informal Toolbox, 2008
Proxy Log 07/08, 2008
Collected Slum Lab Newspapers, 2006, 2007, 2008


In parallel with our design services, Proxy continues to innovate design methods through its research activities. Visit the research page for a full description of these efforts.

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