Stabile Center with Perforated Metal Ceiling
Proxy's Stabile Center at the Columbia School of Journalism a collaboration with Marble Fairbanks.

Proxy Design Studio is an innovation-focused design firm that works across a range of scales and platforms.

We co-evolve design and software to create the next generation of products and places. With creative thinking and precise tools, we are designing spaces, objects and applications that are innovative, human-centric and environmentally responsible.
Residential project in Tokyo with N Maeda Atelier

Design is Search

Proxy develops sophisticated and powerful tools to conceive of design as a search. By innovating flexible tools, we are able to explore huge numbers of design possibilities and mobilize online communities. This enriches the design process and provides valuable feedback and flexibility throughout the project lifecycle. Every design problem is unique, so we create custom software to find equally unique solutions.

Space Planning with Algorithmic Tools


The next generation of structures will find new ways to co-evolve with the environment. Proxy believes that understanding our impact on the earth and each other is a crucial component of design. We create buildings and products that establish positive, reciprocal relationships with the environment. Proxy integrates sustainability directly into the tools we use to design, with a focus on energy efficiency and human experience.
Solar Insolation Analysis from Ecotect
Environmental modeling for solar design.

New Construction Methods

NYU Advanced Media Studio

Computer controlled (CNC) fabrication and digital design methods have allowed Proxy to participate in a revolution in the way we make things. This large step in construction technology allows us to make rich objects, non-standard structures and buildings that are highly adapted to their environments. Prototyping is integral to our iterative design approach.

Experience Mechaneu, tactile and visual toys that must be felt to be experienced.
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iPhone App Flock 3D


Proxy develops mobile software that is built for humans. Proxy believes that designers will play a crucial role in innovating new possibilities for device culture. We create software that empowers creators and mobilizes communities. Visit the Apps page to see applications developed by Proxy.
Proxy Log 2010

Proxy Log

Proxy publishes a yearly journal of design - a loose collection of process sketches, photos and renderings. The book is generated algorithmically from a design database. Visit the Proxy Log Database to purchase the book. 2010- 2011 available now. 164 pages, 6" x 9" $19.78 at


Relationship modeling, for planning and decision support
We are committed to research and development of environmental technology. Proxy develops software, building systems and design methods that extend and enhance the latest technologies in computing and fabrication.
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